Saturday, September 24, 2011

Update: VMWare Fusion & Windows 8 Preview (part 2)

Continuing from the last post... (Wanted to separate out since some may not be as interested in the A/V stuff).

Since I had a small victory getting my videos and pictures imported earlier in the day, I wanted to move on and install the Windows 8 Developer Preview.  Although I haven't been developing professionally for some time (management has its downside), I still enjoy staying up to date on the latest bits, trends, and technologies. The Windows 8 Developer Preview has a lot to offer and in my opinion, is a pretty big transition for developers.  Microsoft has  significantly changed the "developer stack" with the introduction of WinRT.  There are many articles on it... But one of my favorite explanations so far was from Richard Campbell when he visited the Northwest Ohio .NET User Group (nwnug).  I am sure I will be playing around with it. I am also sure it is going to change significantly between now and the final release of Windows 8, especially since this is a "Preview".  This is definitely not the scale of change as the shift of COM to .NET was, but there will definitely be some similarities (there were a few .NET betas and several Release Candidates before the final thing RTM'd).

At any rate, this is not a .NET blog so I digress... I am going to talk about my experience of installing it on the MacBook Pro.  It was quite frankly a piece of cake.  Firstly, I had a decision to make: VMWare Fusion or Parallels?  Both have new versions and seem to get a lot of buzz.  In the end I could have almost flipped a coin to pick. The final decision maker came down to scanning a few blogs and VMWare was a tad cheaper.  What put my decision over the top was one of the VMWare employees that replied to one of my earlier  tweets-- thanks @kevkill!  Apparently twitter can help sell products! :)

VMWare did not disappoint. After purchasing and downloading, I was able to create a new VM and utilized the ISO download.  One slight road bump was that I was trying to copy the file from my PC to a network share that was Win32.  Well, the ISO file is almost 5 GB which is over the 4GB limit so I had to create a new share using NTFS.  I wasn't sure if my MBP would be able to read that, but it did without issue. I copied the ISO file over locally and then ran the VMWare Fusion. It took all of 2 minutes to get the VM created and ready to go for the Preview.

The end result speaks for itself:

It maybe took 15 minutes to load, configure, and "prepare", and the VM had to reboot a few times.  At first my Metro apps were not working and I was a little panicked- simply had to increase the VM's resolution to 1024x768 and everything was fine.

One thing that I did notice is that my computer seem to slow down a little bit while the VM was running. I am not entirely sure why but I do plan on buying some more RAM. I also need to move the VM to a separate drive.  The response time was still very good but I wasn't expecting any type of lag.

Looking forward to playing around with it more.  It was overall a pleasant experience getting things up and running today!

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