Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Superdrive to HDD - Update

For those of you following the "Saga of the Superdrive" I wanted to post an update.

I was losing a little sleep over the matter because I kept having a recurring though: I spent all that money on a shiny new Mac and now I've got a stripped screw of my own doing. I am a person who likes closure (or as my wife puts it, obsessive compulsive).  Consequently, I was compelled to go to the Mac Cafe and show and tell my feebly failed attempt at unscrewing the Superdrive.

Please, help me! I felt like I had a load on my shoulders and the only recipe was more cowbell a trip to the local Mac Cafe. So.. I took off a little early for lunch and made the 15 minute or so Trek to Talmadge Rd, in Toledo, OH- which happens to be the only store within 60 minutes (as far as I know) that can service Macs. I walked in with my head held in shame but figured I had nothing to lose- they seemed willing enough to help on the phone call the day prior.

After waiting in line behind an elderly gentleman who apparently had a relic from the 90's (an old iMac) that finally gave up the ghost (the mac, not the gentleman), I was graciously greeted. I plead my ignorance: I was just trying to unscrew the Superdrive and before I knew it, the screw wasn't turning!  I'm sure it was a tale that has been spun many a time... Within a few minutes, Nick took my Macbook back and did a quick triage. He quickly declared that "it was pretty bad" but the other experienced technician could probably work his magic.  I crossed my fingers and paced around the store for what seemed like an eternity... and after that eternal 5 minutes, I heard a voice proudly proclaim "I got it!". I eagerly walked up to the technician desk and was greeted by what I can only refer to as my new hero. He proudly proclaimed "You need to get a good screwdriver like this from Sears".  I promptly replied "I just ordered a set from <company name>" to which he replied "Nah, those won't work".  Doh. Good thing I only spent 5 bucks or so.

After that I asked them about the Warranty- am I ok? Nick said it would be no problem. They found a replacement screw that fit the bill.  I asked him a few questions about Apple Care and decided to take the plunge- Mac Cafe can also service the computer if I ever have problems in the future. They seem to be a little more lenient than if I were to take it to Apple as well.  Even better, they were cool installing my optical / hard drive kit and it only took them 30 minutes to do so.  I am sure I could have pulled it off assuming I could find the right screw driver set, but they seem to be pretty reasonable for doing installs and were very helpful. I'm definitely pleased with the overall experience and plan on going there in the future.

This adventure cost me a little mo money, but that's the way it is with Apple. Despite that it was a pretty good experience. The drive is running well but my VM of Windows 8 still chugs. Next on the list: mo memory.

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